ATTENTION! This is the first page of my new fiction short story. The contents of this story are loosely based on true events:

Why do my children hate me? As I lay in bed at 10 PM that’s all I can think about. My four grown ass kids are off living their lives and my husband works nights so I’m home all alone. I love my kids to death and I would do anything for them, but sometimes I feel like they don’t like or appreciate me at all.

I literally have no life. All I do is attend church seven days a week, because I’m very involved and my friends are there. I have built a relationship with the women at church and I enjoy them a lot. Sometimes I wish I was doing more in life, but then I’m like nah. I was so successful in my younger years, I feel like I shouldn’t have to do anything now but sit on my ass. My kids think I should get a job, but they don’t understand I worked twenty hard years which is more than enough. Instead of stressing out at some job, I’d rather live in peace and build my relationship with God. I just hope that one of my kids makes it big and can take care of us one day, because my husband works hard as a security guard, but honestly he should of been got a better job. He has a whole degree in anthropology and couldn’t be making more than $60,000 a year, really? He’s been working this job for like 25 years and it’s pathetic to me. When we were younger, he told me he was going to buy me a house, we were going to travel constantly and I wouldn’t have to work. Meanwhile, we have been renting this rinky dink house since the twins were two, we can barely afford to take trips to LA and I’ve had to work random cleaning jobs to make ends meet. 

My oldest son Damien and my youngest daughter Lorena constantly disrespect me. They belittle me and consider me a loser, I just know it. But I can’t kick them out because even though they’re grown, they are still my kids. *Sigh* I guess I will just continue to take the disrespect and provide for them. I mean… I feel like I don’t have a choice, where are they going to go? Both of them have no job and all they do is eat and sit at home. All I can do is pray and hope they get their lives together. But until then I know I’m going to heaven for the amazing person I am to them and everyone else.

Then there’s the twins. My twins are actually the kids that came out okay. They work very hard and are ambitious, but one of them is too close to her father and it makes me feel uncomfortable. How is my husband connecting with his daughter more than me? I’ve always resented Anita for this, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

The other twin is… interesting. She’s very smart and I think she thinks she’s better than me just because she graduated from college. That little bitch. One day she tried to tell me how to parent and I clapped back with “How you gonna tell me how to parent when you killed your kid?” That was good huh? She had an abortion when she was still in college and wants to give ME parenting tips? Even though she’s smart I feel like she makes stupid decisions sometimes, especially with the guys she dates. She had the perfect king and she ended it with him over some stupid drama. I will never understand Patrice. Ever since that break up she’s been serial dating the entire Bay Area. Finding guys on Tinder, in Target, at work, wherever she can find. But hey who am I to judge? Me and my husband have been unhappy for years and used to constantly cheat on each other. Hell, he’s probably still cheating LOL. I always said I’d leave when the kids were all grown, but I’m still here… why am I still here? Maybe because I don’t want to work. Maybe because I was sold a dream when I met my husband and I truly thought he’d take care of me and we’d have a house and go on vacations, not be struggling like we are now at damn near sixty years of age. But whatever, I am content. Besides, I couldn’t leave if I wanted to. I have no job, no income and no where to go. So I’ll continue to be with him and provide for my grown ass kids who hate me… this is the life!